Do you see the symbols, words and images which have appeared?

Start up with reading the two words appearing on the sides of the grid.
What state are we in?
What body are we talking about?
Note the combination of the two, and how they make sense to you right now.

Now look at the first five squares!
Through your own associations, how can this make sense or why doesn’t it make sense?

Write a sentence down.
It can be a statement, proposal, postulation, question or a line of poetry.

Now take the sixth square (the blue one) into consideration.
Does the image within this square oppose what you have written?
Does it extend into the meaning, or does it guide you down a new path?

Refresh the page if you’d like, and make a new sentence. Create a purpose for yourself.
To truly understand, do you then have to do the exercise several times. Or just once, but where you refresh the page ten times before you can trust the algorithm?

Do you even need to write it down?
Is it enough to just consider it within?

When you’re done, manifest what you have written into the world.
Read the sentence aloud,
sing it,
dance it out,
tell it to your friends
or call your mum and let her know about your experience.
Or you can fold the paper you’ve written on together,
send it with the mail, as a textmsg.

Burn it.

Whisper the words to a sculpture,
a mass of clay,
a slice of cake
or the train-conductor whilst they’re checking your tickets.

Bury the sentence!

Reshape your ideas with pencils,
lines in the sand,
through the clothes from your wardrobe when you change to go down to the supermarket.

Live it out and act upon it.

Or do the opposite, forget about it and do something else.

A butterfly, a set of wings, a loaf of bread,
two words and a container with six squares.

I have been trying to understand our connection with how we use language, manuevre within it, but also how we take it’s power for granted. It does not seem like we see the systems of grammatics, rules and logic, - we just stroll through our days weighed down by oppressive words, and understanding. ---

Understanding - a latent agreement with common sense. The discourse of agreeing is the route towards confinement. Confining ourselves in what seems to be logical statements and laws, that someone who died long time ago thought was good idea to enforce upon us.

To understand, we must use ourselves, our past experience and know-how to distinguish right from wrong, true from false and whatever other binaries we must use to categorize a “thing” before it makes sense.

Within we have a forest of signs and symbols, which we must maneuvre through, before understanding, or realizing something new. – Venturing into a landscape of meaning, does it even make sense to understand everything?

This project has manifested itself as a tool that can unfix words from their sensible positions and rearrange our experience of meaning, completion and cohesion. It’s a tool for navigation in between emotions, ambitions, ideas and urges. Yes! - almost like a map - but it will force us to read things anew or again or even away.


SPELLING is a game consisting of three boxes with each their group of words/images.
The first box contains 12 words, states which you can find your body within.
The second box contain 15 words, names for abstract bodies in the physical world.
Third box contain six squares with 100 changing images and words.
As a foundation of all three boxes we find the algorithm which makes certain words and images appear every time we refresh the page.

What the game needs from you is your intention. Look at the signs and symbols – what can they tell you.
Is the algorithm not an open invitation to ask a question? Interpreting a meaning? Starting a motion? Implementing a new idea?

The sentence is not a line, its not an exclamation mark, more so it’s a juxtaposition to you, it’s a form of poetry, high or low looking, advanced or easy it’s a formgiver on its own.
A re-shaper
A moldress
A vessel of potential meaning
It’s the opposite of Pandora’s Box! – Open it, fill it and, pass it on, spread it out.
It’s easy, it’s joyful, it’s serious and devastating if you find your convictions convicted to a realm of non-sense.

Words need glue, this is where you come in to the picture. Bend and snap them. It works every time.